All-Inclusive Rental Properties


We rent properties that belong to us and we manage rentals for other owners who like the idea of renting short-term but who don’t want to manage properties themselves. Our condos, apartments, houses or cottages are furnished and all-inclusive for minimum-30-day rentals.

“Short term” often brings to mind Airbnb and other similar services. Those who do this type of rental know that you can burn out quickly … Cleaning a house after each 1- or 2-day rental represents a hundred cleanings a year. Plus having to be present to greet the client on arrival, managing keys, playing the tour guide, and then being present for the departure to collect the keys and ensure that everything has been left in good condition… Wow ! It’s exhausting.

Renting short-term for 30 days or more allows you to sell the property quickly if you wish, allows you not to be burdened with frequent housekeeping, and it’s all within the framework of a lease contract supervised by the OPC rather than the Régie du logement, all while maximizing revenues. We decided to rent short-term because of all these benefits.

We select the units to offer for rent based on their quality and the services they provide for the customer. This type of rental is not taxable. We rent for more than a regular apartment since it is all-inclusive. It pays well and does not require specific municipal authorization.

The rentals we offer are fully furnished and include electricity and heating, bedding, dishes, silverware, unlimited Internet access, and cable TV. The price of a monthly rental can range from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000. Our customers come to us from, among others:

  • Workers relocating from one city to another for a temporary employment contract;
  • International workers who come for training or an exchange program;
  • People whose home has been damaged and must leave during renovations.

Our prefered partner for renting is the RAGQ agency (Réseau Appartements & Gîtes au Québec) :

Established over 15 years ago, this agency has managed up to 600 apartments in the greater Montreal area. Now present in Quebec City and elsewhere in the province, the partnership with RAGQ allows great visibility that should seduce you as a property owner.

Our renters are often companies, insurers, or international customers, who understand and agree that a security deposit equivalent to 1 month’s rent is required, in addition to the first month’s rent up front. This deposit is placed in a trust account strictly monitored by the OPC, and is returned to the client after the guests’ departure if the apartment is left in good condition.

Use our services to rent short-term.
Submit your apartments, condos, houses or cottages to rent with RAGQ at :

  • (514) 281-1111 or toll-free at 1-833-281-1110 for rentals in Montreal, or
  • (418) 946-1040 or toll-free at 1-855-728-8382 for rentals in Quebec City