Always on the lookout for trends and new products, GIRE Qc inc. continuously develops its expertise and networking, ensures the continuous training of the management team, is constantly acquiring new knowledge and permits, and if necessary develops new partnerships to allow a Responsible and Effective Real Estate Management. Hence its name, in French, GIRE Qc inc. (Gestion Immobilière Responsable et Efficace).

Thwe mission of GIRE Qc inc. is to simplify the important steps of the real estate cycle:

  • Facilitate the acquisition and its financing
  • Allow for the transformation through affordable and tasteful renovations
  • Offer rental properties at the best possible income
  • Provide value-added services at the lowest possible cost

GIRE QC inc.’s goal is to directly offer the services that make it possible to properly manage the important stages of the real estate cycle. Either by having the licenses, knowledge, and skills internally, or by working with close partners.

The main objective GIRE Qc’s management is to reduce the costs and simplify the management of the properties owned by the landlords with whom it works, as well as the properties of its sister company Sauvetage immobilier inc.

  • To do this, GIRE Qc manages private loans and offers better returns to investors while simplifying loan conditions for the real estate projects.
  • GIRE Qc is also developing alliances and agreements that reduce real estate management fees and maximize revenue through all-inclusive rentals.
  • GIRE Qc also offers the management of short term rentals for owners who do not have the time or energy to do it themselves.

Past Projects