Internet and cable television


To ensure an all-inclusive rental it is essential to offer Internet access and cable TV. We have negotiated agreements for unlimited Internet access and cable TV with the two main suppliers in Quebec, Videotron and Bell.

How much
$86,98 + tax ( $100,00 tax included )
Where is it offered
Anywhere in Quebec where the provider you choose offers service
What is included
  1. Unlimited high-speed Internet access with free router
  2. One TV connection with 4K decoder-recorder and access to the channels listed below
How do I order

To obtain this pricing you must make the request through us and complete the following forms (the documents are provided at the bottom of this page):

  1. Internet access and cable TV service contract, return the signed form by email and we will send you your copy once completed by us; service can be cancelled at any time with a written 30-day notice.
  2. Terms of Use: Be sure to complete the choices in the form and put your initials on each of the paragraphs in the right hand column;
  3. Pre-authorized debit request form (Payor’s PAD Agreement);
  4. Send us a sample check or voided check.
What if I have 2 TV’s
Each additional service adds $20 per service per month, tax included. A 2nd TV = $20 more per month. A home phone line = another $20.
  1. Your Internet and cable service will be paid monthly to GIRE Qc
  2. Payments are taken every 15th day of the month. If you join on the 20th, your first payment will be prorated from the 20th of the current month until the 15th of the next month, then every 15th of the month thereafter.

No activation fees.
No cancellation fees.
No equipment rental fees.
No obligation of duration of contract.
You can cancel with a 30-day written notice.
$ 25 off your first month (refunded to your account after payment of a full month).
$ 25 discount for each referral of a new client.

Which channels are included

Basic channels :

Cable télé

Premium channels :

Cable télé

Please note that the channels available may vary and depend on the service provider. The channels presented on this page are those provided with Videotron’s service.


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